Muffie Wiebe Waterman

Too often we think kids don't listen. The surprising news is that they are paying attention. In Wired to Listen, Dr. Muffie Waterman presents research, classroom practice, and family stories to make it clear that what we say to kids and how we say it matters. From infancy through the tumultuous teenage years, our words are shaping what they believe about the world and themselves.

You will learn:

• How small shifts in wording can have a big impact

• How questions can prompt kids to regulate themselves

• How to find a more positive framing to help kids become more capable

• How to talk openly about life’s difficult issues

With simple ideas to start trying right away, Wired to Listen offers parents and teachers an inspiring, practical guide plus the most important reminder—what we say matters to the children in our lives.


About the Author

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Dr. Muffie Waterman has been innovating in education for over 20 years. She holds her PhD in Learning Sciences from Stanford University, and has worked extensively with students and teachers as both an educator and a researcher.

She taught child development, cognitive development, play and creativity at San Jose State University, and directed a non-profit focused on early childhood learning for low-income families. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their two teenagers.